Oh Hello, RUT, My Old Friend.

January 20, 2012

So, that detached feeling I mentioned? Yeah, turns out I’m actually in an outright funk and should be ignored until further notice. Not sure what the hell is wrong with me. Likely a combination of being unwilling to do anything about it (exercise, supplements and the like), the weather (lack of sunshine), how terrified I am about the future and how much warmer and safer my bed feels than anywhere else. Yup. Rut-tastic.


It’s been probably a couple of years since I’ve felt like this, which is a bright note. I guess I just need to ride it out and wait for the motivation to kick back in.

I was enlightened by an article a while back, basically saying that you are never more powerful than when you are crying and broken on the floor. The thinking behind it being that there is nowhere else to go but up; nothing left but to make change.

Well ROCK ON, Emily. At this rate you’re gonna take over the whole world with all this ‘power’.

Right. Apologies. I know no one wants to read this emo shit. Thanks for doing it anyway.

Here’s nice a song that compliments my state:

Now I am accepting hugs.

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